Participants choose from millions of online rewards. Motivation through personal selection and instant redemption.

The tangibility and visibility of merchandise rewards makes them effective, motivating incentive rewards.

Our merchandise collection is one of the most diverse and readily available reward selections the incentive industry has to offer. Whether your participants are striving to earn rewards like outdoor grills and 60” HDTVs or redeeming points for smaller, quickly-earned items like movie tickets and books, the vast reward selection caters to a variety of personalities. Extensive choice boosts employee motivation by ensuring participants discover the best rewards to suit their individual style.
Trophy Value

The trophy value of merchandise rewards amounts to free advertisement for your incentive program. When program participant earn rewards, they want to boast about them by telling their friends, sharing pictures or posting on social media. The buzz around your program will promote higher employee engagement levels and create positive sentiment toward your brand.


Mobile App
Add the Mobile App module to your rewards program and participants can scan the bar codes of an in-store item, check to see if the product is available in the online rewards mall, and either redeem points for the item instantly or add it to their wish lists.

Key Features

  • Direct relationships with vendors. Because our online rewards mall integrates directly with our suppliers’ reward inventories, we can offer the lowest prices and up-to-date products from today’s most high-demand brands.
  • Real-time, updated selection. Because our integrated catalog updates along with our suppliers’ stock, participants always have newly-released and on-sale rewards to check out, driving engagement and participation in your program.
  • In-Store Pick-Up. In-store pick-up is available for many of our merchandise rewards. Participants don’t have to wait around for their product to be delivered—they can redeem their points, pick up their reward and bring it home in the same day! Instant gratification makes employee appreciation and recognition even more powerful.

Learn more about what our online rewards mall has to offer. Customize your program with these other reward categories!


Gift Cards VISA® prepaid gift cards or store gift cards with 175 brand-name retailers! Learn more>>


Travel booking Airline tickets, hotel and destination activities, including cruises using an online, aggregating booking tool similar to that of Expedia. Learn more>>


Entertainment and Digital Downloads Millions of the most compelling and popular downloadable music, movies, games and books – at lower point-earning levels for quicker recognition and reward timelines. Learn more>>


Uniquely Yours Customizable program reward options that enable your high point earners to redeem for almost any reward imaginable– a new car, a paid-off mortgage, a new swimming pool, dental work, college tuition, and more! Learn more>>

To receive more information on our reward program options, schedule a tour of the entire collection of rewards, or see a demo of the online rewards technology platform, please call 1.866.567.7432 or send us a message.